color test

Camera color test

So from left to right, Canon 5D, Canon 7D and Red One M-X. The question is can you intercut the footage. Here was a little piece of recent footage. You can tell the 5D and 7D are challenged to handle the dynamic range in the image and if you zoom in, you can clearly see the h.264 compression artifacting. That said, the color is pretty close after a little tire kicking from Colorista II. Our current workflow is to dial in superflat settings on the Canons (see Stu’s ProLost Blog for details) and meter the color temperature – then dial it in on all 3 cameras. So far so groovy. Auto WB to white card not so much – word to the wise.

The resolution of the Canons is about a sixth of the Red – but for this we’re downres’ing to SD so no worries. But if I was delivering HD, I wouldn’t be comfortable.

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