Bruce Somers, Jr., Director

With a mother as an actress and father as a psychologist, I didn’t have a chance. So, in the spirit of “Those who can’t, teach”, I pursued directing. Getting a Dramatic Arts degree from UC Berkeley really never helped anyone (present company included), and my MFA in Film from UCLA continued this theme. In fact, my directing strength is that I have never known the right way to do something. So, I did it my way. Good or bad, I own it.

Always being on the outside looking in has its advantages though. Uniquely qualified to ask questions that a traditional upbringing wouldn’t foster has allowed my crews to actually think and add and express their passion. At the end of the day, a director manages, manipulates, and coerces people to create a vision that satiates a client as well as his own Freudian impulses. However, the most important trait of any director is the ability to say, “action” and then actually capture it.

If character is action and brand is character, then roll camera… “action”… “still rolling”. After 20 years of this stuff, I’m only beginning to understand what I do.