Mark Wilkinson, Director/DP

Like many people I was born into a family; of designers, architects, the odd scientist and as regards our conversation here, a cinematographer. When I had achieved shooting age, I came to Hollywood to work with my uncle Eric Saarinen who was by then a commercial director/cameraman. It is not a coincidence. The other family member of notoriety was my grandfather the architect Eero Saarinen, though obviously his work had a more diffuse effect on my career.

I belong to several industry groups that sound impressive including the Directors Guild, the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers and the Actors Studio Directors Unit. But most importantly, our commercials have sold literally billions of dollars of whatever it is the client is selling. We like to think of ourselves as job creators doing the hard work of the nation.

I try to make every frame I shoot a dynamic illustration.